New River Valley Voices

New River Valley Voices is an all-volunteer group started by local writers to achieve a twofold mission:

I. To challenge and inspire NRV writers by creating a quality forum within which to share their writing – a place, both literal and figurative, between the extremes of highly competitive literary journals and open-mic venues.

II. To build audiences for the literary arts in our community by refining writers’ performance of their written works; by providing entertaining programs for the public; and by networking and collaborating with writers and supporters of literary art in our community.

New River Valley Voices sponsors bi-annual juried writing competitions, which are followed by public presentations of the selected works. 

The selected authors from each round of submissions present their stories and poems at a public reading. Since the success of a literary reading before a live audience requires presentations that engage and entertain an audience, the readers receive one-on-one performance coaching.

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